About You

In the past, this is where I have placed a long list of common ailments that any of my therapies can help so that you might see your own problem featured there somewhere.

But the truth is they can help in any situation from the seemingly mundane to the most debilitating conditions.

My own practice sees people of all ages with a broad spectrum of problems.  I often work with families who are committed to improving the health of each family member.

I see many children with skin problems (a lot of molluscum!) and at the other end of the spectrum many patients with emotional issues.  Homeopathy and Craniosacral therapy are all about balance and I like that my diverse special interests provide another kind of balance for me as a practitioner.

If you’re wondering if I can help you, please do contact me and we can chat.  There’s no obligation to take things further but it means you can feel comfortable with your decision.

You can just call me or you can book a free 30 minute telephone slot so you know there will be some time dedicated to you.

About me

I graduated as a homeopath in 2004 from The College of Practical Homeopathy.  In 2009 I completed the Orion Advanced Homeopathic Course and in 2011 the post graduate programme at The Allen College of Homeopathy.  I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

In the years before training as a homeopath, I worked in advertising, publishing and fashion.  I understand the strain that working life can bring - long hours, deadlines, competition, office politics, or maybe boredom and frustration.  Now, married and a mother, I know that family life may not always be plain sailing either.

As is often the case, I came to homeopathy when health issues within our family had become a little desperate.  I certainly understand the fear of putting your trust in something, and someone, new.  But eventually I took the leap and that was the beginning of my journey.

In 2012, I graduated from the College of Craniosacral Therapy as this wonderful therapy has also helped us greatly and I really wanted to be able to offer it’s benefits to my patients.  I am a member of the Craniosacral Association of the UK.

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