Steeped in history and tradition since it's discovery by Dr Hahnemann in the 1800's, Homeopathy is now used either as a complementary or alternative health system in many countries across the world by over 2 million people.  The most important thing to know is that our remedies are completely non-toxic, non-addictive, easy to take and safe for everyone, even in pregnancy.  Each prescription is tailored to you, the individual, and according to how you experience illness. 

Homeopathy is about finding the right remedy for You. This means discussing how you are in health as well as in sickness. Sometimes, questions may seem irrelevant to your presenting symptoms, but the answers help determine the remedy best suited to your particular illness and how you experience it.

At your appointment you are given plenty of time to describe your symptoms, to ask questions or to voice any concerns.  Children are not expected to be on their best behaviour, but just to be themselves. Older children, in their teens, may be seen without the parent present, or with the parent contributing to the beginning or end of the session.

Skype/Facetime appointments are available for those not able to attend in person.


Adult - first appointment £90 allow 1½ hours, follow up appointments £75 allow 1 hour

Child - first appointment £60 allow 1 hour, follow up appointments £50 allow 45 minutes

Skype/Facetime appointments add £5

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Bobby Fox has been a pleasure to deal with, she is not only extremely polite and professional but very knowledgeable. With her help we have seen an improvement with our son and she has always been just one phone call away should we ever need her. A true breath of fresh air.
— CG, Father of 5y/o G
I first took my daughter to Bobby when she was a toddler, and we were having an incredibly difficult time with her. She was frightened of all social situations, could never be away from me, and would have the most terrifying wild meltdowns that went on for an hour, where she was completely out of control. Way beyond a normal toddler tantrum. She also had regular high fevers that couldn’t be controlled by anything, and went on for days. She was frighteningly ill and out of sorts every time it happened.

Bobby’s treatment was transformative. Within months she had calmed down to the point where the tantrums completely stopped, and was much more confident socially and able to play with other children. The fevers eventually calmed down too, and now she is able to have a fairly ‘normal’ cold.

One thing I was particularly grateful for as a parent is how accessible Bobby was during crisis moments. She’s been on the phone to me at all times of the day (and occasionally night!), and her acute prescribing and gentle reassurance have helped us avoid several trips to A&E. My daughter is now 4 and has just started school as a happy, healthy, confident, bright child. I’m sure things would be very different if it wasn’t for the homeopathic treatment she received when young.
— AB, mother of 4 y/o U
Just wanted to say thank you for you help with E’s Molluscum. After about 3 months it has completely disappeared. Will definitely recommend you to others... We have stopped Movical, no current problems with toileting issues and he is sleeping much better. Generally E is a much happier and contented child.
— SG, mother of 10y/o E
I have been seeing Bobby for 6 months and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time! Certain issues that I had been struggling with for many years, are now much more manageable and I feel overall more in control and much calmer. I only wish I had done it sooner - I really can’t recommend homeopathy or Bobby highly enough.
— LM, female, 55 y/o
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the recent remedies. I felt so much brighter almost straight away, noticeably more energy. Such a relief, after feeling under par for so long. It was like a fog lifting and the sun coming out. Wish I’d come to you earlier - it’s great to feel this great.
— MH, female, 54 y/o
I decided to explore homeopathy for my little girl’s increasingly angry and ugly molluscums after three years of repeated dismissals by doctors that nothing could be done. Bobby is extremely reassuring, approachable and knowledgeable and I am delighted that after just two months the molluscums have gone. I was an initial skeptic, but there must be something in this homeopathy after all! Thank you, Bobby, for your help.
— JC, mother of 4 y/o D
Bobby has been helping me with various health issues for 6 years. She is a very kind person, who is easy to talk to. I totally trust her to successfully treat me with her choice of homeopathic remedies. She has become my ‘go to’ person for health problems. Thank you Bobby, don’t ever stop doing what you are doing.
— JR, female, 56 y/o
When we first saw Bobby, my 4 year old son’s eczema was at a state where I was applying steroid cream twice a day. He was sore, itchy and very uncomfortable. Now, one year later, his eczema has practically gone! I cannot thank her enough for her wonderful and caring approach. Always patient and willing to help in all health issues - she has helped my son to have the soft, clear skin he now has. Thanks a million, Bobby.
— SB, mother of 4 y/o M
Bobby was recommended to me as I had a bad case of acid reflux. It had been a problem on and off for well over 5 years and was gradually getting worse.
Conventional medicine hadn’t found a solution. So over the course of approximately 6 months, Bobby got to the root of the problem... The most important thing for me was not to find a short term solution and become reliant on remedies. Bobby was very keen for my body to slowly regain its strength and resistance to the issue. Her method was very effective and I’m very grateful to know such a brilliant homeopath!
— AD, male, 29 y/o
Bobby really takes time to listen and observe. She is attentive and thorough. I took my 5 year old daughter to Bobby when the doctors prescribed an inhaler suggesting she probably had asthma following a nasty chest infection/repeated chest infections. I wanted to try a natural, holisic treatment as I wanted to treat the root cause of the chest problems. Bobby’s genuine, caring and professional attitude enabled us to feel supported and ‘listened to’. Her remedy prescriptions were a great success and I’m so happy to say that my daughter did not need the inhaler and has been in very good health since.
— MR, mother of 5 y/o A
I am so grateful to you and homeopathy for helping my son through some emotional problems. For a child whose father died when he was two, there have been insecurity, anxiety, homesickness and separation issues which came to a head from the age of nine, and built up to a peak especially when we spent nights away from each other. So thank you, Bobby, he is now far more settled and is working his way through each situation in a positive way.
— JA, mother of 10 y/o G
T is doing really well. No patches of dry skin on her body at all... she’s really settled and is sleeping all night with no episodes of getting into our bed... we’ve not had any coughs or colds recently either which is fabulous and whilst she is very loving like normal, it’s not so clingy... I really wanted to say thank you for your help, you’ve listened to us, helped both us and T and not made us feel like we were neurotic, lunatic parents. I makes me a lot happier to think that we’ve been treating the cause of the problems and not just the symptoms. If we’d carried on with the doctors, I really think that we would be still applying hydrocortisone cream and her eczema would be getting worse.
— HW, mother of 4 y/o T
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful help you gave our son recently to help mend his damaged spine. Your service as well as being very professional, was very personal and helped him both physically and mentally to cope with the pain. Keep up the good work, Bobby! There aren’t enough people like you in the world.
— KN, mother of 21 y/o O