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I am a Practical Homeopath and Craniosacral Therapist with clinics in North London and St Albans, Hertfordshire.  I am a family practitioner so I treat people of all ages.  I have a special interest in children's skin conditions.

Whatever your problem, I aim to get you feeling better, physically and emotionally.  As gently as possible. 

It's as simple as that. 

If you're wondering if I can help you, please feel free to call me for a no-obligation, no-fee chat.  We can discuss any concerns you may have and how we can work together to improve your health.

Getting in touch with me could be your first step to feeling better...

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Meeting Bobby was totally life changing. I had a list of chronic aliments as long as my arm that I had learnt to live with despite their debilitating effect. Conventional medicine had no effect on me. I was at my wits end. Doctors were impersonal and disinterested in my physical deterioration. This was at a time when my career was immensely demanding both physically and emotionally and I needed to be at my peak.

Within a year of meeting Bobby and having her treat me, I was much healthier and happier than I had been in years. It was a refreshing change to have my fears about my health heard and addressed. And I felt vindicated.

Bobby’s holistic approach and sympathetic caring demeanour have been instrumental in allowing me to regain my health and a better understanding of what I need to promote happiness and wellbeing in my life. Bobby is an immensely empathetic and sensitive physician and seems to genuinely care about the plight of her patients.
— TB, female, 36 y/o
Bobby is a naturally empathetic lady. She is a highly professional & accomplished homeopath and cranio-sacral therapist. I have derived great benefit from her treatments.
— GP, female, 33 y/o
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